Sorgesång över ett land: ”The game is already ending”

England är ett av de europeiska länder som snabbast byter identitet på grund av hög invandring. Invandrare flödar in från bland annat Afghanistan och Hong Kong. ”Den konservativa nationella rörelsen dog med Brexit” skriver en engelsk god vän i den här texten – som i stora delar lika gärna kunde handla om Sverige.

”England as the homeland of the English is finished.”

White Britons are now a minority in four towns and cities.

By Joe Slater

The picture in Britain regarding the Great Replacement is dismal. We now have a triple influx of “refugees,” potentially hundreds of thousands from Hong Kong, invited without consulting the people by our spineless, globalist gasbag of a Prime Minister, tens of thousands from Afghanistan and over ten thousand so far this year alone *illegally crossing the Channel, all of whom are accepted and in many cases sent to hotels.

”Our spineless, globalist gasbag of a Prime Minister.” Boris Johnson.

Recently, the flow peaked at over 800 in one day. Can you believe that? Eight hundred illegals in one day, and our useless MPs say nothing—the only dissent comes from a handful of rightwing media commentators. And all that is on top of the massive regular immigrant intake, of some quarter of a million per year, net. And now there is no political opposition to this whatsoever, nobody to vote for.

We have no SD here; the movement of the patriotic right died with Brexit. I don’t know why; it is not what I was expecting. The conservatism you remember, a uniquely British thing I think, steeped in English tradition, with no direct parallel in any other European land, is completely dead.

I have only one explanation: people just do not care.

That’s partly because the left control every single public institution in Britain, from the military high command to the kindergartens. On all the media, advertising is being used to brainwash people into accepting a mixed-race society: most ads now contain at least one black person and many a black-white couple, in which the black is always the man. (A special message there for white males in Britain).

Kneeling for Black Lives Matter.

Football is dominated by foreign players and packaged for the plebs in endless “anti-racism” propaganda, from near-obligatory kneeling before matches to continuous onscreen BLM and “stop hate” type slogans for televised games. Now they have begun tearing down our statues and inserting black people into our history and literature, in TV shows and plays and even source texts.

They are tearing down our statues and monuments.

The subliminal message could not be more blatant. Our national identity is being systematically destroyed and our national story is being rewritten. The people doing this know there will be no resistance. There never has been.

The British are complacent, ill-informed, and, as a society (though not as individuals), a bunch of cowards, who will tolerate virtually anything to avoid being called “racist”.

You probably think I am exaggerating. But every day throws up something so jaw-droppingly stupid and craven it defies belief. In August, the main Welsh language council accused itself of being racist, because only white people speak Welsh. Not a Monty Python joke.

(Daily Mail: “The Arts Council of Wales spent £51,000 on independent research into its policies, with a report concluding that the public body is ‘racist’ and upholds a ‘white supremacist ideology”).

England as the homeland of the English is finished—we on the patriotic right have known this for several years now—but I had at least hoped we would retain control through my lifetime.

(The situation is less awful in Wales and Scotland at the moment due to their comparative remoteness).

The situation is less awful in Scotland and Wales.

Now I think the game is already ending. Our three major cities are around half-immigrant or more (first and second generation), and one-third or more in many others.

Our Department for Education posits that 2037 is the year when primary schoolchildren nationwide will be over 50 % immigrant. The takeover of all society, the full conversion of Britain into a wealthy Third World colony, is likely to complete in the 2060s.

As for the English people, as said, most simply don’t care. Older people don’t like it, but shake their heads and say nothing, and then go on voting for the politicians who have given away our country. Most young people are more concerned with the fate of polar bears in the Arctic than they are with the survival of the English culture and people. Even when we did have a vigorous truly patriotic party, UKIP, it never drew more than one vote in eight in national elections.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the English are getting what they voted for, what they want and what they deserve.

A very important explanatory factor for this appalling complacency is that the disaster is happening insidiously—over one half of the immigrant population is in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and another substantial chunk is in lesser cities and unfashionable large towns like Sheffield, Peterborough and Reading. Many people never go to these places, and still think only London and maybe Birmingham are multiracial.

English countryside village – still overwhelmingly ethnically English.

The countryside away from transport hubs is still overwhelmingly ethnically English. But the countryside, while geographically large, is home to only about 10 % of the population. That creates a very misleading impression.

Go to London and you will wonder where the English are. Go to Devon, and you will wonder where the immigrants are.

It is no better in mainland Europe, though. During my travels in western Europe in the late 2010s, a young German told me, “what does it matter if the German people disappear, as long as German culture and tradition are carried on by the replacement people?”

I take the opposite view—there is no German culture and tradition without German people, the people ARE the culture, and I told him so. In fact, I find his attitude despicable. But this is how millions of young Europeans think. Essentially they have embraced a death wish, and the “preservation of the culture without us” nonsense is no more than a suicide note to posterity.

* You may be wondering why so many illegals prefer to live in Britain despite having reached France, a rich, free peer country. Some reasons:

1. Most cannot speak French, but can speak a little English;

2. Britain has no ID card, so it is much easier to live and work illegally in Britain;

3. They often have friends or family already living there;

4. Free no-questions-asked emergency healthcare.

5. They know that Britain is run by cowardly narcissists who care nothing for their country, and do not dare to deal firmly with illegals as Australia and Hungary did. They know they will get away with it and will eventually be rewarded with residency and perhaps also a free flat.